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About me

Born in Monza (Italy), in 1963, after my architecture degree in “Politecnico di Milano”, I opened my own office, working as building and interior designer, works supervisor and structures calculator. During my working career I’ve had the opportunity to work in Italy, France, Romania, Ivory coast, Benin and Tunisia.

I think architecture is a way to help people turning in reality things they dream. A good designer, a good architect makes his goal when at the end of a work the client tell him these words: “Wow, it’s really what I had in my mind”

During last years my creativity has found the way to manifest itself in designing and building little pieces of furniture and other kind of objects.

Education and qualification

2007 – Building’s energy evaluator

2006 – Project qualification in photovoltaic systems

2006 – Energy manager master CNR (National Research Council – Italy)

1999 – Environmental impact specialist 

1997 – Project and work execution coordinator specialist

1993 – Architectural degree – Politecnico di Milano


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What make a work a good work

There isn’t best teacher than experience, and the best way to learn how to do is watching people, who really loves his work, meanwhile they work.

The project process for a house, an object, a furniture piece, a machinery, or anything else may be simple because nowadays we can use al lot of tools to made it simple, but a good project need  a lot of knowledges and a polyhedric background.

A good designer needs to know the characteristics of material he desires to use to build an object, in order to find the best way to use it, but he needs also a knowledges about tools to use in building process.

In the same way, in order to project a house or any other kind of building, experience and how to do knowledges of every single phase of construction process is essential to produce the right outcome and avoid problems during the work process.


Architecture contest

– Project for restoration and reuse of historical building near Milano – 1990

– Project for school restoration near Milano -1994

– Room furniture, New ideas contest – 2003 

– Proposal for storyteller chair – Twin towns Community Library – Donegal Co. – 2017

– Floor lamp proposal – Galway design box  – 2017



– Recycled plastic material as lightening material in prefabricated slab panels – 1993




Works I’ve made

Here you can have an idea about what kind of work I’ve made during my professional life. I worked as project manager and designer for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

During last years I’ve applied myself in furniture design and I’ve presented my works in several architectural contest.